Ants close up face seems frightening

Eugenijus Kavaliauskas captured the incredible and terrifying macro image of an ant that seems like it belongs in a horror film.

The unsettling picture looks like a face. It acts as the antenna's framework. Clever cropping reveals a human face, giving the ant a sinister impression.

The reason, according to a Redditor, is that the way this picture was taken and cropped makes it appear as though the antenna's base is the eyes.

He insisted that the absence of eyes provides the appearance of greater menace.

According to another Redditor, people's tendency to see patterns where none exist—a condition known as pareidolia—is what causes them to experience anger.

Ants can look frightening in a macro shot even if they are not split in half.

The insects were photographed by Joshua Coogler in a series of astonishingly detailed images, which PetaPixel published in July.

Coogler said that he took anywhere from 30 to more than 300 photos to produce the final rendering.

It's done this way so that a narrow slice of the region in focus may be seen.

He mentions combining all the photos together using a method known as focus stacking.