International girl child day is celebrated on 11th of October every year.

To give reputation, respect to women, to give women equal status and standards is the main motive behind celebration of this day.

To make women aware of their rights, to make them aware about women empowerment, this day is celebrated.

The initiative of celebrating international girl child day was taken by an NGO named Plan international.

The NGO initiated a campaign with the name "Because I'm a girl."

The UNO declared this campaign as an international campaign on 19th December 2011.

A date of 11th October was then declared for international girl child day and from 2012 this day is being celebrated as international girl child day.

Every year this day is celebrated with different themes.

This year the theme is: Our Time is now- our rights, our Future.

We as citizens should also do initiatives to make women feel equal in the community.