7 Most Terrifying Caves From Horror Films

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The Creature Liar

To give the franchise one last boost, The Creature from the Black Lagoon suddenly appeared.

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The Cave

The Cave's straightforward name made it clear to viewers what to expect when they went to see the underground horror movie.

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The Ura Valley Crevice

The movie follows a detective as he looks into a string of killings that have a connection to a paranormal cave in Bhutan's Ura Valley.

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The Dylatov Pass Cave

History buffs have been perplexed by the famed Dylatov Pass tragedy for decades, and the grisly events were theorised in the discovered footage movie Devil's Pass.

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The Catacomb

The film centres on a team of archaeologists who unintentionally come across biblical-scale atrocities.

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The Pit

Despite never having the opportunity to enter the eerie grotto in The Pit,

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The Appalachian Cave

Caves have always made for wonderful horror movie settings, but none had The Descent's simplicity and pure dread.