10 Shows Like 'The Midnight Club'

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American Horror Story

Eleven seasons so far but it won't fail to surprise you. Based on different genres and time periods, it makes the fear feel real.

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Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country, based on novel by Matt Ruff is a story of three people searching for a missing family member. Monsters from other world and supernatural powers turn their journey into struggle.

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The Haunting Of  Hill House

The first Netflix series of Flanagan jumps between past and present. The show is based on a family renovating it's scary Hill House in order to sell it.

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Channel Zero

This 2017 derives it's four seasons from horror stories derived from internet. Each of which is different but equally terrifying.

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The Terror

Two of its season is a historical fiction drama but a psychological thriller as well. Though it's a fiction, one cannot differentiate it much from real life.

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Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is a story of Riley Flynn who's released from prison and trying to re-start his life in his hometown. Mysterious events start to destroy the town when a priest settles there.

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Stranger Things

This very popular series has four seasons. The story is of Eleven, a powerful teen who has learnt to use psychic powers. This series also brings supernatural battles.

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The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Another masterpiece by Flanagan is like a follow-up to Hill House. Dani gets to know the haunted secrets of Bly Manor after getting hired there.

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Two seasons with a new story in each episode. The podcast series is narrated by Aaron Mahnke with documentary images and taking audience to the origin of each story.

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Red Band Society

It is not a horror story but is very close to The Midnight Club. A high school cheerleader gets injured and admitted to a hospital. She finds different reasons of people being there.