TEAM FOXFOSTER  bring to you PHOTO PHACTORY  the photography competition. Participate and shows your creative photography skills. Devices used can be anything – from mobile phones to DSLR

Story telling is the powerful way to put ideas into the world the story that the photographer is trying to tell.

Rules and Regulation:

  1. This program is fully free of charged.
  2. Photos MUST be your own, taken by you
  3. Any kind of malpractices will not be entertained.
  4. Photo from google is strictly prohibited.
  5. All photo will be uploaded to Instagram page.
  6. Feel free to invite your friends and family to like the photo.
  7. 3 photos with highest likes will be the winners of this competition.
  8. Any none original submission (source from internet) will be proceed to termination of participation of the contest.
  9. Post your best ONE shot. Person with the most “likes” and comments combined, wins. Multiple comments on same image by same user will be counted as 1 vote. Good Luck.

If a submission fails to comply with any of the contest rules, it will be disqualified.


  • First prize: 200rs Cash prize
  • Second prize: 100rs cash prize
  • Third prize: 50rs cash prize

Certificate of participation will be given to all participants 

Please share information about this contest! We want to make sure everyone with an interest in photography knows about it and has the chance to enter! And remember: you can submit your entries now. November 11 is simply the deadline.