How to become an android application developer

If we talk about today, mobile applications are the thing which let everybody connect to each other and it is the thing which is used worldwide by everybody. As this thing is getting advanced day by day, people are getting more opportunities and platforms to connect with others. The applications we are using daily are changing the way of our thinking, changing the way of doing our business, changing the way of communication and entertainment as well as changing the way of observing the world and seeking knowledge from everywhere. So with these changes, if you are thinking about what will be the job of a mobile apps developer, then you came to a good platform. Mobile developer jobs are one of the best jobs in recent times and in the future.

android app developer

Now let's know who is an Android mobile apps developer and why to become an Android app developer?

Android or apps developer is the one who makes Android or desktops applications and that apps help us in daily life. So basically, an Android app developer is a software developer who is a master in designing applications for mobiles. An app developer can make easy apps also and complex apps like pubg and candy crush also. In recent times, the Android system has an important place in the world smartphone market. In 2021, Android system OS is installed in more than 80% of worldwide phones. Therefore, for recent time and for future there is a lot of scope for an Android developer.
Android platform is an open-source platform. If you want to start your career as an Android app developer then this is the right time to start. There are some more things and reasons due to which you can think of becoming an Android app developer.

android app developer


As are read earlier that Android is an open-source platform that’s why its package licensing cost is very low and due to which we can get more ROI (return on investment) by investing less amount. Android is a big community in which if anyone faces a problem in-app or problem in generating the latest versions of apps then you can directly talk to the app developer and you can resolve your problem.


The apps which are made or which are in progress either they get more popularity or they are top-rated apps in Google Play Store. Google always alters and tries to make their functions and user interface different from time to time and attractive at the same time, Google also introduces new versions of their apps due to which they are able to attract people and people get new updates and get new things to know. Doe to these updates by Google in their apps, you also get an opportunity to add more things to your app.


If you are working on software testing or full development, then you should know about the JAVA programming language which is one of the easiest programming languages that it is very easy to make applications and to learn with the help of JAVA programming language. Besides this, the things you should know to develop Android apps are very easy to learn and understand.

android app developer

Now let's know, what are the skills needed to become an Android app developer?

First of all to become an app developer you should have some important and required skills. You can do perform Android development on any system whether it is a mac. Or windows or Linux computer. But the thing which is compulsory for app development is an Android device because whatever apps you will make you will need an Android device to run and test the app. Now if you have both the things then let’s know about the things and programs you should know to become an app developer:

1. JAVA –

Java is the basic programming language for Android development. To become a successful Android app developer you should know the JAVA concepts like loops, lists, variables, and control structures. JAVA is the most used programming language for the Android app development so you should have knowledge about its basics and well in advance.

2. SQL –

In Android apps, to organize a database you have to learn the important things of SQL. SQL is a language used to extract information from the database, to update, or delete the information. The database is the collection of lots of data which is stored in electric storage.


The best thing about the Android software development kit is it is absolutely free and it is very easy to use. Android SDK or Android studio can be downloaded for free. Android studio is the main program where developers write codes and they collect all the codes and programs in different-different packages and libraries. In Android SDK we get sample code, software libraries, handy coding tools, and many more things and with the help of these, we can make applications and test the applications. It’s also very easy to make an app and publish it on the google play store and for this, you have to register yourself as a publisher on google play store and for this google charges you approximately 25$ from your Google wallet, you also have to follow the launch checklist of Google in order to publish your app, then you have to submit your app on google play developer console and you have to wait for the approval.

4. XML –

To describe the programmer’s data XML is used. Basic knowledge of XML syntax helps the developer when they design the user interface (UI) or feed the data from the internet. For app development, you can do many things with the help of Android studio but you should have basic knowledge of XML.

android app developer

 If you want to work in a big company as an employee then you have to complete a degree course in computer science and software development. Including these degrees, you also have to learn all the things which are told in this blog to learn and you also have to do an internship in order to get some experience before completion of your course which will help you during campus placement and getting jobs.
So let’s know which are the other things you should know to become an Android app developer:


There are lots of institutes for Android developers from where you can sharpen your skills. Besides this, you can learn lots of things from youtube. You always have to keep yourself updated. If you are learning app development courses then you will want to get a good job, so let me tell you to get a better job in this field you have to expose your skill, show your skill in front of other people and professionals. You can publish your android work on LinkedIn, xing like a platform from where your work can be visible to the other professionals and you can have a good portfolio. Other than this, being an application developer you have to publish your work on Behance and GitHub like online sites. You have to connect yourself to social networks because this is the platform from which you can get practical knowledge and if possible you can get your willing job from there only.


When you want to become an Android app developer then you have to face lots of issues and hurdles, you can make many mistakes and in these situations you need professionals to recognize your mistakes and correct your mistakes. Because Android is open-source, Android developers get help from the GitHub posts.


Cooperation is very important for an app developer’s job. Although you are working on any project alone then also you will need suggestions and partnerships from other people like designers, marketers, and upper management. Don’t even get afraid of getting feedback from other people. Try to work with other people because in this field to get recognition, to do good work you need the help of other people from different fields also.

android app developer

Now let's know what job roles we can do by learning app development course:

android app developer
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